Resource management solution for agencies

Successful projects start with accurate planning.Get an overview of the team’s capacity, so you can assign work with confidence, satisfy customers and increase billable hours.

Logiciel de gestion des ressources pour les agences​

Meeting project deadlines more effectively

With people and projects aligned, deadlines don’t slip.Teambook gives you a visual overview of project schedules and workloads, so you can deliver work on time and exceed customer expectations.

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Simple and effective, the perfect tool for managing my team.

There’s been a before and an after to Teambook at Soleil Digital. Since we’ve consolidated our project schedules in Teambook, our team has been able to work more serenely and we’ve been more productive. I 100% recommend this tool for agencies that want to produce more and better!

Vincent Lehmann. CEO of Soleil Digital

Dynamic projects

Project planning is simple, fluid and, above all, dynamic, with the option of modifying it as you see fit.It’s as simple as clicking, dragging and dropping to allocate work to anyone.You have the power to extend, shorten, split and transfer work at your fingertips.

Limiter les risques de surcharges de travail des ressources projets ​

Limiting the risk of overloading project resources

In the fast-paced world of agencies, it is essential to strike a balance between efficiency and employee well-being without overloading them (overscheduling, burn out, etc.). Overtime may seem necessary to catch up, but it’s crucial to treat it as the exception rather than the rule. To ensure optimum productivity and prevent this risk, Teambook allows you to do just that.

Better management of subcontractors in project teams

By using a resource management solution such as Teambook, you can streamline and improve the management of subcontractors in your project teams. This enables better coordination, smoother communication and more efficient use of resources, all of which contribute to the overall success of the project.

Anticipate last-minute changes announced by the customer

Your customers’ projects and requirements can change at any time.Easily adjust your plans on the fly with the certainty that it will be manageable and that no one will be overbooked.

Keep everyone informed by clearly communicating task deadlines and urgency.Have tasks where every team member can comment, share files and save time.Keep an eye on who’s doing what and be informed directly of key progress updates.

Project resources used to managing digital tools

Another advantage is that, as an agency, your resources are more than used to using digital project management and other tools. So they’ll quickly feel at ease, and your agency’s productivity will reap the full benefits!

Ressources projets habituées à gérer des outils digitaux ​

Case studies

Subsidiary International Agency Berlin 56 employees

Filiale Agence internationale Berlin 56 employés


Deadlines that are not met, leading to stress and burnout

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Marlyn S. is Account Manager for the Berlin branch of a major international agency. As is typical of the industry, the deadlines are very tight, there are a lot of schedule changes, a lot of sub-contractors involved and therefore a lot of pressure. 

The agency was juggling with Excel spreadsheets – never up to date – and shared documents – but not with everyone. Many burn-outs were reported…

On the reporting side, a trainee was trying to keep track of it all… Between uncertainties and errors!  In short, a clearly inefficient job!

But with the arrival of Teambook, and following a simple learning curve, and the internship of the trainee who has now become the agency’s Traffic Manager, Teambook has become the central management tool, whether for the operational planning of each member of the project teams, including subcontractors, or for monitoring the time actually spent on projects and therefore allocated to each assignment. Employees receive their schedules directly in their Outlook calendar, and reporting is updated in real time. Customers appreciate the forecast schedule, which they receive via a simple URL link, enabling them to see that deadlines are being met much more effectively!

Finally, this monitoring has enabled Marlyn to see that certain assignments were significantly underestimated in terms of charges, and therefore to revise its offers subsequently. In short, it’s a win-win situation!

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The main benefits of a resource management solution for agencies are strategic planning and project management, workflow optimisation and performance monitoring and analysis.

When choosing a resource management software package, make sure you take into account the essential functionalities, integrations with other tools, ease of use and customer support.

Yes, there are free resource management software options for agencies. This is the case with Teambook, which is free to use for up to 10 projects. However, it’s important to note that the free versions may have limited functionality compared to the paid versions.

Resource management software can significantly improve an agency’s operational efficiency by streamlining workflows, optimising resource utilisation and enabling effective strategic planning and project management.

Yes, resource management software is suitable for small web marketing agencies. It can help these agencies to organise and manage their resources efficiently, maximising productivity and improving profitability.

You can measure the effectiveness of resource management software by monitoring project performance, evaluating employee satisfaction, tracking deadlines and budgets, and analysing reports and key performance indicators.