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This article’s purpose isn’t to convince you that Teambook is better than the competition, but to show you how we compare.

There are some things that Teambook does better, and some that competitors do better. It’s up to you to prioritise.

So where do we stand?

Let’s face it, Float and Resource Guru are the big guys in the project planning / resource management field. 

There are as well a few far smaller actors that tried their luck, often as the by-product of an in-house development. But they quickly realised that it is difficult to enter a new line of business and hence lack the marketing and support resources to keep up-to-date. 

Teambook is somewhere in the middle.

The tool was developed to support a fast moving and growing IT consulting firm … in 2013! We have since sold the consulting business (still running very well, thank you!) and after a spell of distraction, got back to Teambook.

We are now focussed on making it the best tool on the market 😉 

Benefits of using Teambook vs our competitors

So, what benefits does Teambook bring to YOU (that the big guys do not so well)? 

And when I say YOU, I mean any dynamic organization:

  • juggling with many people (you may call them talents, resources, colleagues, consultants…),
  • playing a role on many projects (events, sites…).

You may be an agency, a consulting firm, an internal business unit within a large corporation, a fast moving professional service company, or maybe an non-for-profit / NGO.

What you all have all in common is a need to plan your resources on the different projects, efficiently and smartly. 

In a nutshell, your advantages when using Teambook vs Float or Resource Guru: 

  • A faster on-boarding and improved user’s acceptance due to the super visual and intuitive interface and smart drag-and-drop features allowing you to schedule multiple resources over days in a snap
  • Benefits from a Swiss & European flair: you probably enjoy Swiss precision & quality, data stored in European jurisdictions and the possibility to work in YOUR language may it be French, German, Spanish, Italian or English
  • Extend the planning horizon further than the traditional operation planning and achieve mid-term perspectives through a real capacity planning feature
  • Achieve a better ROI: Teambook is simply the most affordable tool on the market, based on the number of projects you run, with a constant price whatever the number of users! And because we are nice, we a) allow anyone to use Teambook for FREE up to 10 projects.. And b) offer a plan that costs you less than 1 euro per day.

The advantages of our competitors

Ok, let’s be fair.. competitors may do a few things better than Teambook does… for now:

  • Some offer a few more integration. But Teambook got you covered with the main ones – see calendar’s integration: Google, IOS, outlook- a strong API, integrations with Slack, Hubspot, Quickbooks, zapier etc…  already there)
  • Last, some competitors dived into extended features such as Holiday request, Invoice generation or Travel expense tracking. Here, we are not so sure we want to follow that path as we fear that often such development creates a lot of complexity that negatively impact the core feature AND because other providers, who like Teambook, made the choice of a best of breed approach

But have a look at our public road map and you will realise that we plan a fast catch-up!

Sign Up for FREE and start using Teambook in seconds!​

Free 14-day trial

Sign Up for FREE and start using Teambook in seconds!​

Free 14-day trial