Update: Time-off & Custom Schedule

In the last update, we brought you new display options and a better integration with your calendar.

This time, we are happy to introduce you 2 new features that should come very handy to many Teambook planners!

Time-off Management

How to deal with time-off (maternity leave, sick leave, holidays,…) on Teambook was unclear to many users. It wasn’t difficult, but the feature was “hidden” inside the regular projects’ creation menu.

Now, to tackle that issue, we came up with a dedicated time-off management feature. Time-off’s aren’t just some kind of special projects anymore!

Admins can access the time-off management menu in “Account Settings”. That menu allows them to create and edit time-off’s.


Once created, booking a time-off to a user is extremely simple. Indeed, time-off’s are booked exactly the same way as regular projects, directly from the “New booking” menu in a team board.

The only difference is that now, the “New booking” menu is divided in 2 tabs: one tab for regular projects and one tab for time-off’s.


Custom Schedule

Second new feature you need to know about: custom user schedule.

Especially if your team includes part-time workers and contractors!

Having everyone’s schedule in mind isn’t complicated when the team is small, but the bigger the team, the more difficult it gets… If a user is off every Friday, you’ll want to make sure the planner knows that, right?

This feature has been designed to make planners’ life easier, by allowing them to see directly the custom availability of each user on the team board.

(User’s availability is displayed a the bottom of each day, like before. Here is an example of a user having a custom availability of 8 hours/day from Monday to Thursday and 4 hours on Friday)

That way, you avoid allocating a project to an user for a day he is not supposed to work… and ultimately, you avoid unwanted overtime and delays.

Editing an user’s schedule is as easy as it gets. Users can edit their own schedule in the “Schedule” menu within “My Profile”.

Don’t cheat, we count on you! 😉

And Admins can edit any users’ schedule directly from the “Users” section, using the “Edit user profile” menu.


How do you like these features? Any question or feedback?

Please let us know, we love feedback as it has a direct impact on our roadmap.

Spoiler alert: We’re already working on other exciting features that we can’t wait to release!

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