Teambook Bags Project Management Software Accolade from Prominent B2B Platform

Teambook recognized as key Project Management Software from major B2B Platform

A prominent B2B marketplace has recently presented Teambook’s project management software with a distinguished award.

Teambook has been recognized with a Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline, one of today’s most recognizable software directories. The award acknowledges our product’s thriving customer base and fame. It is presented to promising software firms that have quickly attained market validation.

Among other guidelines, FinancesOnline looked into the striking volume of favorable feedback and social mentions our product has garnered as a token of customer satisfaction. Software authorities from FinancesOnline also put together a Teambook features and benefits review and confirmed that it offers dynamic functionalities that help freelancers, small- and mid-sized businesses, and service consultants achieve growth and success. 

Teambook highly visual dashboard

Looking into how FinancesOnline called it, our product’s functionality and comprehensiveness merited the commendation that we got. Teambook’s planner board, streamlined resource delegation systems, and tagging and filtering functionality are just some of the features they give special regard to.

The review mentioned that business owners can use our simple planner to turn themselves into effective project managers. They can use our planner board to direct company resources for certain tasks. It is also easy to use and sums up company activities. Hence, they can see who is tasked to work on what activities in real-time and monitor performances and deliverables through analytics. They can also see who is available and who is not. Moreover, they may conveniently steer around past, present, and future bookings by showing dates spanning from two weeks to three months. 

The reviewers also noted Teambook’s resource delegation tools. Users can simply book one or more units right away while tracking their project budget and find the best resource for the activity by using tags and filters. They can set the bookings as tentative and confirm them only when they are sure when the job will get finished. They can easily make any changes to resource allocation set with the help of the bulk update and drag-and-drop bookings feature.

The review also praised our product’s ability to help users track their teams with email alerts, its standalone resource homepage, and the iCal link that works with major calendar applications. It immediately updates clients with a link to their project breakthroughs. Teambook is also integrated with Zapier, Google Calendar, Harvest, and Outlook. Plus, its API can be used to integrate with a user’s own applications.

These components made us eligible for inclusion in FiancesOnline’s list of project management software products.

Teambook would like to give our thanks to FinancesOnline for acknowledging our efforts. Getting noticed by esteemed organizations like them motivates us to do better at delivering stellar project management software solutions.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the businesses that have sought our help for their project management requirements. We guarantee that we will continue to provide dependable services and introduce more offerings so that you can enhance your experience and fulfillment with our product. We hope that we will have more years of working together.

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