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schedule management for carpenters

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In the joinery sector, efficient site management and work planning are crucial to ensuring that deadlines are met and customers are satisfied. Carpenters have to juggle quotes, invoicing, site supervision and coordination with subcontractors. Fortunately, there are now a number of management software packages specially designed to help them optimise their work and simplify their day-to-day tasks. In this article, we’ll compare five site planning and management software packages for carpenters: Teambook, Skello, Vertuoza, Interfacto and Multi-planning.

Why use online planning for your joinery tradesmen?

There are many advantages to using online planning for a medium-sized joinery business. Management software lets you plan jobs and work sites in just a few clicks, giving you a clear overview in real time. With online site planning, deadlines can be better met and delays minimised, thanks to better coordination of teams and subcontractors. The software’s functionalities also make it easy to manage estimates, invoices and site monitoring, optimising site management. Craftsmen can access their schedules from a tablet or any other connected device, giving them great flexibility and the ability to track the progress of work wherever they are. By replacing Excel spreadsheets with a dedicated interface, they gain in efficiency and can devote more time to their core business. What’s more, these tools make it possible to centralise all site information, improving communication and reducing errors. Ultimately, using an online schedule saves time, optimises working hours, and improves invoicing and project tracking, all of which translates into higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Schedule management for carpenters: our ranking of the best software


Features : Teambook is a schedule management tool that helps organisations organise their teams’ schedules efficiently. It can help carpenters, for example, to plan work on different sites. Thanks to its advanced notification features, team members are always informed of updates in real time. Teambook stands out for its ability to create personalised schedules and manage each person’s availability, making it an ideal choice for the construction industry. Advantages :
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Advanced planning and availability management features.
  • Real-time notifications to keep members informed of updates.
  • Ability to create customised schedules.
  • Very low cost (from USD 45 per month, regardless of the number of users)
  • Offers a free 30-day trial.
  • Starter offer at $3 per month for planning up to 10 projects to get off to a smooth start.
  • Plans start from $45 per month for more than 10 projects, with sliding scale rates for larger teams.
Opinion : The ease of use and efficient management of resources are particularly appreciated by Teambook users. Overall, the comments are favourable, highlighting the improved coordination of teams and the centralisation of data. However, it is essential to have some centralisation of the planning function within the company! In conclusion, Teambook can be planning management software for high-performance organisations, offering tools for tracking tasks, managing resources and improving communication within construction teams.


Features : Skello is personnel planning and management software designed for companies in the construction and public works sector. It can be used to create site schedules, manage working hours and holidays, and monitor working time. Advantages : Skello helps to optimise human resources management by providing an overview of employee availability and assignments. The user-friendly interface and automatic notifications facilitate planning and reduce errors. Price : Skello offers various price plans, including a free trial version. Prices for paid subscriptions start from EUR 49 per month, depending on features and number of users. Opinion : Skello users praise the software’s ease of use and its efficiency in managing schedules and timetables. They particularly appreciate the notification functions and the ability to synchronise data with other management tools.


Features : Vertuoza is a site management software package designed for professionals in the building and civil engineering sector. It offers planning, estimate and invoice management functions, as well as real-time site monitoring tools. Advantages : Vertuoza makes it possible to centralise all information relating to worksites, facilitating communication and project management. Users can monitor the progress of work and manage costs and deadlines more effectively. Price : Vertuoza’s prices vary according to your business needs and the features you choose. A free demonstration is available for new users. Opinion : Vertuoza users appreciate the rich functionality and flexibility offered by the software. They note a significant improvement in project management and communication between teams.


Features : Interfacto is a planning management software package specially designed for building contractors. It can be used to create site schedules, manage interventions and monitor working hours. Advantages : Interfacto offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to plan worksites and monitor progress. Users can manage schedules and holidays, as well as subcontractors, centrally. Price : Interfacto offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans start from EUR 35 per month, with advanced features and dedicated customer support. Opinion : Interfacto users appreciate the software’s ease of use and its ability to simplify site management. They also note an improvement in productivity and better team coordination.


Features : Multi-planning is a planning management software package that offers site planning, resource management and project tracking functions. It is suitable for companies of all sizes, including small and medium-sized joiners. Advantages : Multi-planning centralises the management of schedules and resources, providing a clear, detailed overview of projects in progress. Users can easily adjust schedules and monitor work progress in real time. Price : Multi-planning prices vary according to features and number of users. A “Simple” version costs €19 per resource for 3 months and a “Complete” version costs €15 per resource per month. Opinion : Multi-planning users appreciate the flexibility and robustness of the software. They note an improvement in project management and a reduction in delays thanks to better coordination of resources and schedules.

Choose your planning management tool for your joiners.

In conclusion, efficient management of schedules and worksites is essential for carpenters and building tradesmen. Planning software such as Teambook, Skello, Vertuoza, Interfacto and Multi-planning offer tailored solutions for optimising resource management, simplifying team coordination and improving overall productivity. Each of these tools has specific features and benefits, enabling companies to choose the one that best meets their needs. By adopting planning management software, joiners can not only save time and reduce delays, but also offer a better quality service to their customers. Try this software and discover how it can transform your site management and make your day-to-day work easier.

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