7 best project management softwares: which one to choose?

project management software

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What is project management software?

It’s software designed for project teams to effectively manage tasks, resources and work. This tool enables project managers and collaborators to manage projects online, using project management methodologies. With all the necessary functionalities such as task management, project portfolio management and dashboards, project management software has become a must-have tool for team members in all business sectors.

Users can choose from the best project planning tools in 2024, tailored to their specific needs. These project organization solutions offer online management applications enabling collaboration between project teams. Regular software and tool updates ensure that all management tools are up to date and offer the functionality managers need to steer projects effectively.

Why use management software to manage your projects?

A project organization tool is essential for efficient task and team planning. A project management application enables the project manager to coordinate users, collaborators and team members, managing each project in an organized way.

Management software offers all the functionalities required for optimal task management, including resource management, customer management and team collaboration. Using a management tool helps to choose the right management software for any industry and specific job management. Dashboards, Gantt charts and regular updates are just some of the features offered by the best management solutions.

The benefits of project management software

The advantages of a project planning tool are numerous. It helps teams to manage tasks and optimize their work. Project managers can efficiently assign, monitor and prioritize tasks.

What’s more, users of the tool have access to all the functionalities they need to plan different types of project collaboratively. The tool is also a complete project planning solution, enabling resource management, stakeholder management, portfolio management and online project planning.

Project management software enables project managers and staff to manage projects efficiently, and to identify any shortcomings. Integrated project monitoring methodologies enable project teams to work optimally together. What’s more, collaboration between team members is facilitated by tools such as reports and Gantt charts.

The essential management functions of a project management tool

The essential functionalities of project organization software include task management, resource management, team collaboration and online project management. This tool is designed for project managers and team members to effectively manage projects. Users can choose a management software from the best tools available on the market, based on the project management methodologies most widely used in all business sectors. The features available in a project management tool are essential for highly efficient project planning in 2024.

A simple project management tool enables resource management, task management, work management and collaboration between teams. Management software offers complete project management solutions, with dashboards, Gantt charts and other tools needed to steer projects efficiently.

How to choose project management software

When choosing a project management platform, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the team and project managers. A good tool must enable efficient task management, task management and resource management. It must also offer all the functionalities required for optimal project management. By 2024, management software will offer online-based project management and asset management solutions. So it’s important to choose management software that meets the needs of your employees and enables effective collaboration between team members.

When choosing the right project organization software, it’s essential to ensure that the tool offers the functionality project managers need to manage projects. It’s also important to choose management software that will enable efficient work management and optimal collaboration between team members;

To help you make your choice, some tools offer free project management, sometimes with limited functionality. But beware: for many editors, free access is often limited in time (30 days); Teambook, on the other hand, is entirely free for planning up to 10 projects,

Comparison of the best project management software on the market

Teambook, one of the best tools for resource management

Teambook is an essential resource management tool for companies wishing to optimize team collaboration and productivity. With its advanced features, Teambook lets you schedule tasks, plan ongoing projects and allocate resources efficiently. Its intuitive interface facilitates team communication, helping to coordinate activities and monitor performance.

With Teambook, all information is centralized and accessible in real time, facilitating informed decision-making and work process optimization. In conclusion, Teambook is the ideal tool for companies wishing to improve their operational efficiency and maximize the potential of their teams.

The price

Teambook offers a unique subscription model. A pricing per project and not per user, as almost all other providers offer. You can test our tool for free for 14 days. If you have less than 10 projects, it remains free !

Packages ranging from $45 to $90/month, depending on the number of active projects.

Float, good team planning software

Float is a powerful, easy-to-use work planning and capacity management tool. With Float, you always know who’s working on what and when, so you can maximize your team’s efficiency. This intuitive software lets you view your team’s schedules at a glance, distribute tasks fairly and optimize the use of available resources.

With Float, you can manage your team’s capacity and anticipate future workloads. You can also track work schedules, vacations and absences, making it easier to manage your team and make informed decisions.
Whether you run a small team or a large company, Float can help you organize, plan and manage your team’s work efficiently. Never again let the capacity of your team be an obstacle to your success with Float.

As the publisher is American, only the English language is available;

The price

  • Entry: $6/month per person (planning resources only)
  • Pro: $10/month per person (resource planning + time tracking)
  • Company : customized pricing

Runn.io, the right people on the right projects

Runn.io, a solution from New Zealand,  available in English only, offers an overview rather than day-to-day details, aimed at project managers and executives looking for global transparency to manage their company’s teams, projects and performance. Before getting into the details of project plans, performance and resource allocation, you can get an overview of your projects – financial health, resource utilization, profit forecasts and more.

The price

Free for less than 5 users, limited functionality.

Pro: $10/person managed per month
Company: contact sales department.

ResourcesGuru, good resource management software

Resource Guru is a simple resource management solution designed for teams looking to improve their activity tracking and project planning. With this tool, project managers and team leaders will have better time management to focus on essential tasks rather than spending time organizing and tracking resources. Resource Guru offers a somewhat dated interface and standard, per-user pricing. It is mainly suited to small businesses.

The price

Prices start from 6.65 USD per user per month (the 4.16 USD version is not recommended, as it does not offer reporting features). A 30-day free trial is available.

ClickUp, a unique online project management platform

Conventional project planning tools generally offer a limited choice of task perspectives, such as lists, calendars or Kanban boards. Additional views, such as Gantt charts, are often available for a fee. ClickUp is unique in this respect. This project management software offers a variety of perspectives to choose from, which offers great freedom, but can also lead to a certain complexity.

What’s more, there are over 20 different widgets available on ClickUp dashboards, allowing you to highlight the most important elements of your project. Integration with ClickUp can be initially complex. Although the learning curve is steeper than with Trello, for example, the additional customization options are well worth it. What’s more, the company has included an integration guide directly in the application to make getting started easier.

The price

A complete free package is available. However, to benefit from all the features, a €5/month pay version is also available.

Toggl, time tracking software for teams

Toggl is one of the most powerful free management tools for efficient organization and supervision of team work. It’s user-friendly and ideal for project managers supervising small teams. However, there is an integrated time-tracking feature called Toggl Track specially designed for Toggl. To add Toggl Track to your Toggl package, you’ll need to invest $8 per user per month.

The price

A free version is available for up to 5 users. Thereafter, prices range from $9 per month to $18 per month.

Forecast.app, AI-powered resource and project management software

Forecast.app is project planning software for businesses and professionals. It is particularly recommended for management positions, and is widely adopted by SMEs, VSEs and companies in the Services and Tertiary sectors.

With Forecast, you can consolidate task, resource and financial management into a single, user-friendly platform. This will enable you to supervise, monitor and manage your company’s activities with a global view and detailed information based on our powerful artificial intelligence.

The price

  • Pro: $49 / month / user
  • Plus: $96 / month / user


As you may have noticed, there are a multitude of project management software packages on the market. Some of them have something in common, but many are still very general tools that cover project management in the broadest sense of the term, yet offer a wide range of functionalities and solutions, with varying levels of project progress.

Among the 2024 project management tools specializing in resource management, here are our top 3:

  • Teambook
  • Runn.io
  • Float.

A fundamental feature of our Teambook tool is its European roots. Not only are its data hosted in Europe, but the software is also available in many of the languages used by our worldwide customer support team.

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