Resource management tool for operational management

Are you a traffic manager, staffing manager or project manager who wants to benefit from the right resources at the right time?

Our resource management solution, Teambook, makes it possible. Gaining visibility of your company’s workflows and optimising your processes has never been easier.

Outil de gestion des ressources pour le management opérationnel

Facilitating short-term planning

Teambook provides a rapid overview of the availability and workloads of each team member, making it easier to make decisions about resource allocation. By planning effectively in the short term, managers and traffic directors can anticipate fluctuations in demand, avoid overloads or under-utilisation, and maintain an optimum balance in task allocation.

Teambook, successfully used by many professional services companies around the world

Teambook Planner Testimonial

Intuitive and easy to use !

I like Teambook; it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. Its design makes team planning easier and allows me to concentrate on the business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is undoubtedly the increased productivity of our teams.

Daniela F., Aspediens

Identify and plan for available talent

With Teambook, you can use tags to associate specific skills, expertise or areas of expertise with each member of your team. Thanks to these tags, you can quickly identify the talents available for specific projects and allocate them appropriately. Teambook simplifies resource management by giving you a clear view of the skills available within your team, enabling you to optimise planning by assigning the right people to the right tasks.

Gérer les changements de dernière minute annoncés par le client

Manage last-minute changes announced by the customer

Your customers’ projects and requirements are subject to unforeseen changes at any time. With ease, adjust your plans in real time, ensuring that the workload is manageable and that no one is overloaded. Ensure transparent communication by clearly sharing urgent deadlines. Keep an eye on everyone’s responsibilities and be informed in real time of essential planning updates.

Meeting project deadlines more effectively

Strict adherence to project deadlines is essential to the success of your business. With Teambook, you get a visual overview of each project’s schedule and workload, enabling you to deliver work on time and exceed your customers’ expectations. By keeping your teams and projects aligned, Teambook helps you avoid deadline slippage and achieve your goals efficiently.

Tracking time actually spent on projects

With Teambook’s time tracking functionality, you as a traffic manager or project leader can assess individual and collective productivity, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to improve project efficiency. This accurate monitoring of actual times also encourages better planning and a more balanced allocation of resources, and contributes to the achievement of set objectives.

Medium-term capacity management

Teambook’s capacity management module gives you a clear view of the availability of your teams and compares them with the needs of projects planned over the next 6-24 months. The use of tags allows you to plan resources according to the specific needs of each project, and thus deploy precise hiring plans; or to direct commercial efforts according to the skills available.

By managing optimum capacity, you can maximise team productivity, ensure a balanced distribution of tasks and successfully achieve your objectives.

Case studies

Subsidiary International Agency Dublin60 employees

Filiale Agence Internationale Dublin
60 employés


Unmet deadlines create stress and burnout.

etude de cas Filiale Agence Internationale Dublin

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Cathy S. is an account manager for the Berlin branch of a major international agency. As is typical in the industry, deadlines are very tight, there are a lot of changes to the schedule and a lot of sub-contractors are involved, which creates a lot of pressure.

The agency was juggling Excel spreadsheets – never up to date – and shared documents – but not with everyone. Many people were burnt out…

As far as reporting was concerned, a trainee was trying to keep track of it all… Between the uncertainties and the mistakes! In short, a clearly inefficient job!

But with the arrival of Teambook, and thanks to its ease of use and the integration of the trainee who has become the agency’s traffic manager, Teambook has become the central management tool, whether for the operational planning of each member of the project teams, including subcontractors, or for monitoring the time actually spent on projects and therefore allocated to each assignment. Employees receive their schedules directly in their Outlook calendar, and reporting is constantly updated. Customers appreciate the forecast schedule, which they receive via a simple URL link, enabling them to see that deadlines are being met much more effectively!

Lastly, this monitoring enabled Cathy to see that certain assignments were grossly underestimated in terms of charges, which enabled her to revise her offers later on. In short, it’s a win-win situation!

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A resource management solution offers a number of essential functions, such as task planning, resource allocation and performance monitoring. It also allows you to view schedules, manage priorities and generate reports to optimise team efficiency.

The resource management solution facilitates planning by enabling you to create detailed schedules, allocate the resources needed for each task, monitor progress and manage deadlines. It also offers real-time communication and notification functionalities to ensure effective coordination and avoid delays.

A resource management tool provides performance monitoring tools for operational management. It collects and analyses key data such as lead times and productivity. This information enables managers to assess team performance, identify areas for improvement and take corrective action to optimise results.

Yes, a resource management tool makes it easier to coordinate operations. It enables information to be centralised, schedules to be shared in real time and the progress of tasks to be monitored. This fosters collaboration between team members, improves visibility of operations and enables faster, more effective decision-making.

Yes, resource management tools can be used by different types of team, whether they are managerial, operational or from any other field. Functionalities can be tailored to the specific needs of each team.

It is important to consider the functionality offered, the user-friendliness of the interface, scalability, integrations with other tools and user feedback. A demonstration of the solution and an assessment of its relevance to the specific needs of your team can also be useful in the selection process.