Resource management software for management teams

Are you looking to ensure the long-term future of your business, its financial success, the well-being of your staff and the satisfaction of your customers? Find out how Teambook, a resource management tool, will help you achieve these goals.

Logiciel de gestion des ressources pour les équipes managériales

Time is money

With Teambook, you can rest assured that the tool will enable you to increase billable hours and the utilisation rate of your staff. This inevitably leads to greater productivity and therefore a better financial margin. Teambook is the ally of management teams within a company.

Teambook, successfully used by many professional services companies around the world

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Intuitive and easy to use !

I like Teambook; it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. Its design makes team planning easier and allows me to concentrate on the business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is undoubtedly the increased productivity of our teams.

Daniela F., Aspediens

Better communication with your customers

Effective communication with your customers is crucial to the success of your business. When customers are informed in real time about the company’s resource planning, it builds trust, improves collaboration and ensures that projects run smoothly. A resource management solution such as Teambook plays an essential role in effective resource management.

Mgt Temps Effectifs

Tracking actual time spent on projects

Thanks to Teambook, it is possible to record and track precisely the hours spent on each task and project by team members. This gives clear visibility of the work to be done, identifies any time overruns, and optimises the management of resources and future quotes accordingly.

Improve the organisation's reputation

With a tool like Teambook, it is possible to effectively plan, monitor and manage the resources needed to complete projects. Better resource management means greater customer satisfaction, greater confidence from business partners and better collaboration with employees.

Améliorer la réputation de l'organisation

Limit the risk of overloading project resources

A resource management solution offers an effective way of limiting the risks of overloading project resources and burnout. With a solution like Teambook, it is possible to plan and allocate resources in a balanced way, taking into account the current workload of each employee.

Manage staff holiday schedules

Teambook enables you to centralise and view information on team members’ availability
, including their periods of leave. This makes it easier to plan resources and take planned absences into account, so as to avoid calendar conflicts, work overloads and delays in project execution.

Gérer le calendrier des vacances des collaborateurs

Case studies

Engineering office in France40 employees

Bureau d’ingénieurs en France
40 collaborateurs


A total lack of planning that led to manifest inefficiency.

etude de cas Bureau d’ingénieurs en France

The solution logo

Franck V., owner and manager of a major engineering firm in France, supervises 45 employees across 3 sites.

Despite optimised billing thanks to the hours reported by its employees, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the time to be devoted to each assignment due to inconsistent planning. It’s not uncommon for projects to run considerably over the hours initially planned in the estimates… Which, of course, poses a commercial problem, as many hours spent are not invoiced in the end.

Thanks to Teambook and the recruitment of a planning manager reporting to management, monthly planning and communication with engineers and draughtsmen have finally become possible!

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Resource management software for management teams offers several key functionalities, including task planning, calendar management, project tracking and team collaboration. It can also manage and optimise resource allocation and generate reports to analyse team performance.

Resource management software facilitates task planning by enabling management teams to view all assigned tasks, identify priorities and allocate resources efficiently. It also offers time tracking, notifications and reminders to ensure deadlines are met.

Resource management software fosters team collaboration by providing a centralised (or team-based) planning tool that is synchronised with the calendars of each project player. It enables team members to work together seamlessly, exchange information and collaborate effectively on projects.

Yes, some resource management software for management teams includes specific functionality for managing human resources. This makes it possible to monitor the skills and availability of team members, manage leave and absences, assess individual performance and plan assignments based on the team’s capabilities and needs.