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IT teams are always in demand. Whether you’re working for in-house teams or major clients, accurate resource planning is essential. Monitor your team’s capacity, allocate work strategically and keep IT projects on track.

Logiciel de gestion des ressources pour les prestataires informatiques

Time is money

The Teambook tool enables you to increase billable hours and/or utilisation rate/productivity.

Now you can monitor the working hours of your IT teams more effectively, and in less time!

Many IT service providers trust us!

Teambook Planner Testimonial

Intuitive and easy to use!

I like Teambook; it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. Its design makes team planning easier and allows me to concentrate on the business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is undoubtedly the increased productivity of our teams.

Daniela F., Aspediens

Sharing planning with external customers

Teambook makes it possible to manage and centralise project and customer details in one convenient place. This makes it possible to share this planning and information with the customer, even if they are external to the organisation. This greatly improves the efficiency of exchanges and productivity. Communicate transparently with your customers.

Synchronisation of company electronic calendars

By synchronising your company’s electronic calendars, you can plan your activities according to the existing allocations and availability of each member of your team. All you have to do is connect your external calendars and get a single view of the whole team’s availability, all in one place. Schedules are automatically updated online, in real time, making it much easier to collaborate with your colleagues. With this feature, scheduling is easier than ever!

Improve your IT company's financial margin

By opting for Teambook, you can improve your IT company’s financial margin and guarantee the long-term future of your business while securing a stable revenue stream. Our tool gives you the ability to closely monitor financial progress, while having constant visibility of your staff’s workload and the time they have spent on different client projects. With this functionality, you can make informed decisions, maximise the efficiency of your business and optimise your resources for solid financial growth.

Project resources used to managing digital tools

As an IT services provider, your resources are more than used to using digital project management tools and many others. So they’ll quickly feel at ease, and your IT services company’s productivity will clearly reap the benefits!

Project resources working remotely

Managing project resources working remotely, without a physical presence on the project, becomes easy thanks to a resource management tool such as Teambook. This tool enables you to keep an overview of your resources, whether they are located locally or remotely, and to allocate them efficiently. You can monitor their availability, skills and workloads, and assign them to the appropriate projects as required. Communication is simplified thanks to the tool’s integrated collaboration features.

Case studies

Outsourcing Business Unit22 employees

Business Unit en Infogérance 22 collaborateurs


Lack of medium- to long-term capacity planning. According to Dominique F, our customer, “We’re running behind the business”.

Business Unit en Infogérance

The solution logo

Dominique F, head of the “outsourcing” Business Unit, has a team of 22 employees dedicated to 38 customers whose needs are growing (cybersecurity, EDM, etc.). Although the tasks are relatively predictable, and so is the allocation of staff to customers, recent strong growth and staff changes (maternity leave, holidays, hirings and departures) make it very uncomfortable to keep track on an Excel file. It is never up to date and is taken less and less seriously by staff.

With the implementation of capacity management in Teambook, coupled with the definition of skills by tags, the team manager has been able to determine the exact needs of current and future projects. These needs are set against the skills available, as well as existing capacity. This has made it possible to rebalance team management according to certain under-utilised skills and staff growth plans, and also to launch specific recruitment within a clear timeframe set by the ‘hot’ projects coming up in the next few months. 

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The use of resource management software offers many advantages to IT service providers. It optimises the use of available resources, improves project planning and coordination, tracks the progress of tasks and deadlines, facilitates collaboration between teams, and provides real-time visibility of project performance and costs.

Resource management software for IT service providers should offer a range of essential functionalities. These include planning projects and resources, assigning team members to tasks, monitoring project progress, managing skills and availability, generating reports, managing costs and budgets, and facilitating collaboration between teams. In short, everything Teambook has to offer!

Resource management software promotes collaboration between teams within an IT services company by providing a centralised platform for sharing schedules that are updated in real time. It helps to visualise the workloads of each team member, coordinate activities and dependencies between different projects, facilitate communication and improve decision-making.

Resource management software optimises the use of resources in an IT services company by identifying the skills, availability and workloads of each team member. It facilitates the allocation of the most appropriate resources to each project, avoiding overloads or under-utilisation. This optimises operational efficiency, reduces costs and improves the company’s profitability.