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Are you looking for a project management tool to plan the work of your enterprise?
Or to plan your resources more efficiently?

You’ve just found the ideal planning software for your business. At the heart of our software is the management of your resources, tasks, supply, systems as well as the security of your data and an easy-to-use interface. Today, software such as Trello or Monday offer vague, very vague and difficult to understand functionalities. Are you looking for a resource management tool that doesn’t get bogged down in administrative or other obscure functions? Teambook is THE solution for operations, planning resources and managing your financial, inventory and supply . Because Teambook is not just an erp or a mrp with accounting service but a global resource project management solution. From measuring your company’s operations and needs to being able to manage the progress of your processes, while mobilising your resources efficiently, Teambook is the ideal tool for your business.

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An effective planner

Teambook is your new tool that will enable you to manage your processes, monitor your tasks, plan your business’s work in the blink of an eye and many other features. Visibility into your schedules, allowing you to plan your tasks with the view you want. Find out who’s doing what, measure and improve your enterprise performance and take the pulse of your business.

Teambook is not just an erp or a mrp with accounting service. Teambook’s planning board supplys you a clear overview of your organisation’s activities: you know who’s working based on which task, projects, systems and when, who’s available and who’s on leave. Zoom in on a period of a few days to 3 months to easily navigate past, present and future allocations. Locate information in an instant thanks to clever visual clues

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Quick Allocations & Modifications

Allocate one or more resources at a time while keeping an eye based on your project budget, and find the perfect resources for the job using tags and filters. If you’re not yet sure when the job will start, simply set allocations as provisional and confirm them later. And we all know that changes are an integral part of planning, but Teambook makes it easy for you: group updates or drag-and-drop of your allocations. For easy, effortless management of your resources in cloud system. Organizations and businesses with the most flexibility will be the most successfull

Capacity Planning

Capacity management is one of Teambook’s unique features, enabling you to know exactly how your enterprise is performing and track the hours actually worked. A must for the management of fast-moving professional services companies… which provides numerous benefits and functionalities to ensure the long-term future of your company and the well-being of your consultants! Teambook’s unique 24-month rolling horizon allows you to perform intelligent recruitment analyses and simulations. Thanks to this capacity management functionality and the complementarity with reports, you will be able to manage your organisation completely

screenshot capacity planning feature on Teambook

Time Sheets & Approval

Teambook’s time tracking functionality ensures that each user’s time spent on projects is properly recorded. While users can enter their hours manually, it is also possible to copy the planning data to pre-fill the timesheets with one click! In addition, Teambook offers an approval feature to easily review, confirm and finally export the entered timesheets for invoicing purposes. 

User's & Project's View

In addition to the user view, the planner can, at the touch of a button, opt for a view grouping planned resources by project, which is the solution! One of the great advantages of this project view is that you can add and modify project milestones. Represented by coloured horizontal bars in front of each project, these milestones can help focus resource allocation at the right times. With its new version, Teambook offers a simple interface, with an interactive dashboard, for global visibility of all your tasks and the easiest possible use. You’ll never miss another project in your schedule!

View By Projects

Find the right talent fast

Teambook’s clever tagging system is the best way to “personalise” your project resource management. Use tags to assign skills to your consultants and make sure they are allocated to projects that match their skills. This way, you’ll never have to worry about managing talent on a project-by-project basis. Looking for a specific skill or role? No problem, find the perfect consultant for the job thanks to a powerful filter system! The best solutions for your operations and your organization

Reports to monitor your performance

Our platform brings together all your data so you can monitor your effectiveness through customisable reports. You’ll be able to take note and see the performance of your employees and your organisation more widely through dashboards and graphs. It will then be easy for you to see what’s working and take action when it’s not. Teambook is designed to be a collaborative platform that allows you to manage your resources according to your choices. Graphs and tables to support your performance. No more problems for companies with manufacturing chain to monitor. For a better management of your finance and costs

Teambook Dashboard

Powerful Analysis & Filtering

Keep an eye on your key performance indicators with a comprehensive set of metrics. Be it Availability, Utilization or Productivity, Teambook gives you the power to not only see them but to refine them using filtering. Projects, clients, users, tags or advanced filters can be combined or more precision both in your dashboard and in your planner… you’ll never miss the information you need anymore

Starter version for 3 USD!

Teambook sets itself apart from the competition by offering a starter version, at USD 3 per month, for planning 10 projects. This makes it possible for small, growing organizations to use our software in the most affordable way possible.

Better Communication

Team's, Client's Communication

Teambook is a resource management tool and should enable employees to communicate with each other about the progress of each different project or task. Online cloud communication is often a problem when managing company projects that require a lot of employees, especially if they are located in the four corners of the world, so we had to find a solution. Advanced communication features and integrates with different tools to ensure that everyone – from your business to your customers – stays informed. The organizations and businesses with the best communication will be the most successful. For optimal collaboration!

Personnal Home for your Team

Personal Homepage

All team members have a personal home page displaying the information they need about their projects. Work management for each employee, personalised and essential. Easy online cloud management of your personalised space.

Notification for every change

Email Notifications

Your team members can receive a daily summary of changes made during the day, as well as their own weekly schedule once a week. So you never miss a task or project on your schedule. Automate your processes with Teambook.

Sync Planning with Calendar

Calendar Synchronisation

Teambook users can synchronise their schedules with their favourite calendar and consult it on the move. An absolutely essential feature, widely requested by customers. The many applications on the market should not simply offer you a view of your diary, but real management of your organization, and that’s what our Teambook tool offers. Thanks to its many integrations, you’ll be able to synchronise your organization to suit your needs.  You’ll never miss the project you’re working on again.

Project Links for Clients

Client Link

Your customers are your priority and, by the same token, you are our priority. With this in mind, Teambook will always strive to be transparent with its customers, because we believe that this is the best way to work together effectively. This is why we want you to share any information, processes or questions you may have so that we can find a solution for you. However, we will never ask you for any confidential data for security reasons. Keep your customers informed by sharing a dedicated link to their project planning.
Your customers will be able to see the progress of their projects in real time. Because customer communication is the solution!

Constant Monitoring with Teambook

24/7 Monitoring

All our network systems are constantly monitored, so that we are alerted to problems before they occur. Our teams put your security first. 

Downtime's Reliability

99.9% Uptime

Many companies put their trust in Teambook. We take downtime very seriously because it is the collaboration between you and our teams that makes us successful. Our job is to enable you to make the best possible use of the software.

Cloud Application, no install

No installation

All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. No installation, no software, just start up in a few seconds, without neglecting your security. Easy installation for you and we take care of your security so you can focus on your company and your customers.

Security with Teambook

SSL Encryption

All Teambook plans have SSL and sensitive data is encrypted in our databases. Our databases are secure and our cloud systems processes are safe.

As Secure as a Swiss Bank

Swiss Made Quality

Teambook cares about your data and includes all the latest security measures so you can sleep soundly, where the competition makes the mistake of neglecting security and data protection. Protecting your data and your security is not just an offer, it’s a necessity!
It’s also for its security that companies put their trust in us by choosing Teambook!

Connected & Integrated

Teambook is connected to the tools you use to manage your business. Thanks to the many integrations available, you can link your projects to Slack, synchronise your allocations with your calendar, use Zapier to integrate over 300 web services or use our API to connect to your own applications. We offer just as many integration possibilities as big software such as Monday or Trello, with increased security.

Teambook is not just an erp or mrp that offers accounting services to your enterprise. Teambook offers you a global resource management solution that includes better management of your capacity, better financial management and better cost management and real-time project management.
As a conclusion, Teambook is THE solution for operations, planning resources and managing your financial, inventory and supply. Teambook for all organizations and businesses

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