Resource management solution for engineering offices

Engineering is technical and requires extreme rigour and precision. So must your resource planning.

Easily organise and allocate engineers and equipment. Optimise use and deliver projects on time with Teambook. Discover the resource management solution for your engineering office.

Logiciel de gestion des ressources pour les bureaux d’ingénieurs

Improve your engineering firm's margins!

With Teambook, you can secure the future of your company and a stable income stream. Our tool enables you to plan the work of your engineers in line with the estimates. Without losing sight of the workload of your staff and the time they have spent on the various customer projects.

Many engineering firms have put their trust in us!

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Intuitive and easy to use!

I like Teambook; it’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. Its design makes team planning easier and allows me to concentrate on the business rather than updating spreadsheets. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed is undoubtedly the increased productivity of our teams.

Daniela F., Aspediens

Facilitating short-term planning

Projects are constantly changing. Easily create and adjust your plans on the fly with the certainty that no one will be overbooked. Short-term planning from one day to a few months is Teambook’s core business.

Facilitating medium- to long-term planning

Get a complete view of your medium and long-term project planning with Teambook. Visualise your entire project portfolio with all phases and milestones so you know what to prioritise. Get an overall view of how your plans will impact the business in the short and long term, and whether you have the right amount of work in hand.

Meet engineering project deadlines more effectively

Engineering projects don’t always go to plan. Assess the impact of resource reductions and scope creep. Quickly check capacity and adjust allocations to keep project schedules on track.

Your project resources used to managing digital tools

Within your engineering office, your resources are already familiar with the use of digital tools, particularly project management tools. Thanks to this familiarity, they will quickly feel at ease with Teambook and other similar tools, which will translate into increased productivity for your consulting business. You will clearly benefit from their expertise in the effective use of these digital solutions.

Tracking actual time spent on projects

With a tool like Teambook, you can easily record and track the hours actually spent on each project by each member of your team. This gives you a clear picture of how work is progressing, helps you identify tasks that are taking longer than expected, and enables you to assess your workload more accurately. Thanks to the time tracking functionality, you have reliable information with which to analyse performance, adjust schedules and optimise resource allocation. This means you can manage projects more effectively, keep costs under control and optimise your team’s overall productivity.

Case studies

Engineering office in Switzerland 45 employees

Bureau d’ingénieurs en Suisse 45 collaborateurs


Planning was non-existent, leading to real inefficiency.

La solution logo

Peter W., owner and director of a large engineering firm in Switzerland, manages 45 employees at 3 sites.

Although its invoicing is optimised on the basis of the times reported by its employees, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how much time should be spent on each assignment, due to a lack of coherent planning. In the end, it’s not uncommon for projects to literally explode the hours announced in the estimates… Which of course poses a commercial problem, and many hours spent are not invoiced in the end.

Thanks to Teambook and the appointment of a planning manager reporting to the management team, month-by-month planning and communication with engineers and draughtsmen have finally become possible!

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Using resource management software has a number of advantages for engineering offices. Firstly, it enables resources to be better allocated, which means that projects can be managed more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, the software facilitates collaboration between team members, promoting communication and information sharing. Finally, it also enables the company’s performance to be tracked and analysed, which can help inform decisions to improve processes.

When choosing resource management software for your engineering office, it’s important to consider a number of key factors.

First, assess your specific resource management needs, identifying the essential functionality you require.

Next, make sure that the software is user-friendly and easy to use, so that your team can adopt it quickly. Also check compatibility with other tools and systems you already use.

Finally, look at user reviews and ask for demonstrations or free trials to see if the software meets your expectations.

Implementing resource management software in your engineering office can be a structured process.

With Teambook, the advantage is that you don’t have to go through a long and complex installation process. We offer the “zero install” principle, so you can get started quickly and easily, with self-service. All with remote support if you need it!

The costs associated with using resource management software for engineering offices can vary depending on a number of factors. Some software is based on a monthly or annual subscription, while others may require a one-off payment. Costs can also depend on the number of users and the features included in the software. Teambook has chosen to charge by the number of projects.