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Give your consultancy the edge with accurate project planning and scheduling. Manage heavy workloads without overloading your team, and deliver quality work that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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Time is money

With the Teambook tool, you can optimise your profitability by increasing billable hours and improving utilisation rates and productivity.

You can now monitor your teams’ working hours more effectively, saving you precious time. Remember, time is money… and thanks to Teambook, you can make the most of it!

Numerous consultancy firms place their trust in us!

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Simplifying the way I organise my day-to-day life!

Teambook makes it much easier to synchronise with my calendar and helps me to organise my week better

Simon F., :ratio

Improve your consultancy company's financial margin

By opting for Teambook, you can improve the profitability of your consultancy while ensuring the long-term future of your business and guaranteeing a stable revenue stream. Thanks to our tool, you can keep a close eye on the user rate, while keeping an eye on your staff’s workload and the time they spend on different client projects. This functionality allows you to make informed decisions, which translates into better financial management and increased profitability for your consultancy business.

Synchronisation of company schedules

Planning has never been easier! Thanks to the system for synchronising your consultancy firm’s electronic calendars, you have a global view of your teams so that no one is overloaded. Teambook “pushes” planning information into employees’ calendars, so everyone knows what they have to do from their own calendar.

Facilitating short-term planning

Teambook makes short-term planning child’s play. Because projects are subject to constant change, you can create and adjust your plans easily and flexibly, without worrying about overloading your team, even for short-term projects. Teambook gives you the confidence to manage short-term planning effectively, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions to maximise productivity and the success of your projects.

Project resources used to managing digital tools

Within your consulting company, your resources are highly skilled in the use of digital tools, particularly those dedicated to project management and many others. Their familiarity with these tools will enable them to adapt quickly, resulting in a clear increase in your consulting company’s productivity. You’ll reap the many benefits of their expertise in the effective use of digital solutions.

Identify and plan for available talent

With Teambook, you can use tags to associate specific skills, expertise or areas of expertise with each member of your team. Using these tags, you can quickly identify the talent available for specific projects and allocate them accordingly. Teambook makes resource management easier by giving you a clear view of the skills available within your team, and optimising planning by assigning the right people to the right tasks.

Case studies

Consulting firm34 employees

Société de conseil 34 employés


Too low a team utilisation rate and too low a return on investment.

etude de cas Société de conseil

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The consultancy, which Claude B. launched with two partners 8 years ago, had its ups and downs. The pipeline of projects was rather large and Claude was even having to put the brakes on his sales force due to a lack of available resources. Or so he thought. And yet profitability left something to be desired, with some years just turning a profit. 

That was before Teambook. Before Claude looked at the utilisation rate of his teams and realised that a significant proportion of the hours available were not being spent on billable tasks. The problem wasn’t due to a lack of commitment on the part of his staff, but to a lack of planning that left plenty of room for everyone to organise their activities… not always in line with the company’s commercial interests.

After 1 year of planning with Teambook, the utilisation rate has reached 86%, which is slightly higher than the industry average. Claude estimates the annual saving at around ten thousand euros. All thanks to a Teambook subscription that costs his company just one coffee a day!

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Teambook offers a number of advantages to consultancy firms. It optimises the use of available resources, improves visibility of skills and workloads, facilitates project planning, tracks the progress of tasks, encourages collaboration between teams and optimises project profitability.

Teambook offers a comprehensive range of functionalities for consultancy firms. These include project and resource planning, skills and availability management, task progress tracking, customised reporting, team coordination, absence and leave management, and integration with other tools and systems.

Teambook facilitates project planning for consultancy firms by providing an overview of the skills and availability of team members. It provides an overview of available resources, enabling them to be allocated optimally to different projects. It also allows you to define deadlines, priorities and dependencies between tasks to ensure effective planning.

Teambook improves collaboration between teams within consultancies by providing a centralised platform for sharing information, documents and updates. Team members can easily communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. What’s more, Teambook makes it possible to track the progress of tasks, manage dependencies and ensure better coordination between the various project stakeholders.