Resource management solution for construction services companies

Architects and construction professionals, you need to
manage the planning of your numerous collaborators and subcontractors on multiple projects in parallel. Teambook can help.

Track the progress of construction projects and manage dozens of projects with a tool like Teambook.

Logiciel de gestion des ressources pour les entreprises de services dans la construction

Better management of construction project deadlines

To better meet construction project deadlines, it’s essential to take into account any delays that may occur. With Teambook, you can visualise the impact of resource reductions and scope creep, so you can quickly understand if adjustments are needed to keep project schedules on track, without running into obstacles. With this increased visibility, you’ll be able to check capacity and make the necessary allocations to ensure projects progress smoothly.

Many companies in the construction industry put their trust in us!

Teambook Planner Testimonial

Simplifying the way I organise my day-to-day life!

Teambook makes it much easier to synchronise with my calendar and helps me to organise my week better.

Simon F., :ratio

Facilitating short-term planning

Projects are likely to change constantly. For greater flexibility, create and adjust your plans easily with the certainty that no one will be overbooked, even for short-term projects. Short-term planning, from a few days to several months, is entirely possible with Teambook.

Facilitating medium- to long-term planning

Look no further, Teambook is here to help! With Teambook, you can get a complete view of your project schedule, giving you a clearer picture of your entire project portfolio, including all phases and milestones. This increased visibility will enable you to know exactly what to prioritise and how best to organise your work.

Improve the reputation of your company's organisation in the construction sector

Give customers the quality they expect by giving teams the time and tools they need to succeed. Teambook’s resource management software maintains realistic workloads and ensures that in-demand equipment is never double-booked. In this way, you ensure that your construction services company maintains an excellent reputation for organisation.

Managing last-minute changes

With Teambook, you can easily react to change requests and adjust your planning accordingly. You can view the availability of your resources in real time, identify the team members best suited to new tasks, and reallocate resources efficiently. By using our resource management software, you can minimise the disruption caused by last-minute changes, keep your team productive and respond to customer needs in an agile and responsive way.

Your project resources are used to traditional methods

In your construction services company, your resources are not yet entirely familiar with digital tools.

Teambook can help. Gradually introduce your teams to digital organisational processes using automatic calendar synchronisation. Say goodbye to paper planning tables and do your bit for the planet!

As a result, your teams will quickly feel at ease and your consulting firm’s productivity will clearly benefit!

Case studies

company in the construction and installation of kitchens - 22 employees


Difficult deadlines and poor communication with both subcontractors and customers.

PME construction et installation de cuisines

The solution logo

Marc’s SME, which installs top-of-the-range kitchens, employs 22 people. It also provides work for a network of around twenty partners. Each installation corresponds to a project, and it is essential to manage the planning in detail, both to check that people are available and to inform them of the tasks planned. Marc chose Teambook for its ease of use and the ability to print out project schedules, which he can then display for his employees to view each morning. Marc’s partners have real-time access to the schedule, which they can consult via a hyperlink, and the most digital of them can synchronise the information directly in their company calendar.

This improved organisation and transparency has enabled Marc to save a considerable amount of time and meet deadlines, which certainly goes some way to explaining the company’s excellent reputation!

Cette meilleure organisation et transparence permet à la société de Marc un gain de temps non négligeable, une meilleure tenue des délais et cela explique certainement en partie l’excellente réputation!

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There are a number of advantages to using resource management software for construction services companies.

Firstly, it enables resources to be better allocated, which means that projects can be managed more efficiently and cost-effectively.

What’s more, the software makes it easier to plan and organise tasks, optimising deadlines and avoiding delays.

Finally, it also enables you to track the time spent on projects, optimise future estimates and generate detailed reports for better decision-making.

When choosing resource management software for your construction services business, it’s important to consider a number of key factors.

Evaluate your specific resource management requirements, identifying the key functionality you need, such as project planning, asset management and reporting.

Make sure the software is user-friendly and easy to use, so that your team can adopt it quickly.

Also check compatibility with other tools and systems you already use. Look at user reviews and ask for demonstrations or free trials to see if the software meets your expectations.

Resource management software optimises resource allocation by identifying the availability and skills of each team member. It facilitates planning by automatically assigning the most appropriate resources to each project, avoiding overloads or under-utilisation. This optimises operational efficiency and reduces labour costs.

Resource management software for construction services companies should offer several essential functionalities. It should enable project planning, resource allocation, task tracking, schedule management, skills management, report generation, team collaboration, and integration with other tools and systems used by the company.

Resource management software facilitates collaboration between teams in a construction services company by providing a centralised planning platform that is updated in real time. It also allows you to view the workloads of each team member, share availability and facilitate communication for better coordination between the various players.

Resource management software enables tasks and deadlines to be tracked in a construction services company by providing planning and monitoring functionalities. It allows you to create tasks, assign responsibilities, define deadlines and monitor progress in real time. This helps avoid delays, improve productivity and meet project deadlines.