Major upgrade to better assist you in optimizing your project resources planning

After completely redesigning Teambook, using brand new technologies, we are proud to have launched a faster, smoother and smarter tool that will help you to plan your team’s work! 

Don’t worry, the previous Teambook’s features are all there, but we’ve added quite some nice ones:

  • Planner board: intuitive color and frame helps you to visualize tentative and on-site bookings. And a new cool icon switcher enables you to move between 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 3 months views.
  • Dashboard: a completely reviewed interface with new reports is now available on top of the former KPI and enables you to easily download data into spreadsheets.  
  • ​​Bulk editing is now available by simply marking several booking and thus handle them in one go!
  • Slot durations are now available in 15 minutes fractions… Time is money, so let’s not waste a quarter of an hour!
  • Filtering is now considering “OR” combinations to better assist you when filtering on available resources or specifically drilling down in the reporting 
teambook's new dashbaord
Preview of the new dashboard

These are some of the major changes…

But that’s not all, you will probably be surprised (positively, we hope) by many other smaller improvements that will help project managers and team schedulers to make the best use of their resources!

To our long time users…

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback – good and bad (we are keen on further improving!)- simply by dropping us an email.

To our newcomers…

Give it a try, it is free for 14 days … and will remain free forever, as long as you run no more than 10 projects. 

The whole team takes advantage of this post to thank you for using Teambook and to wish you a great day,

Best regards

Your Teambook team!

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