Update: New display options & bookings duration on calendar

Teambook keeps getting better!

These last few months, we’ve been working on refreshing the design, but we’ve also been listening to our users’ feedback. You’ll be happy to know that our team has quite an exciting roadmap ahead!

The first updates that we would like to introduce you have been there for more than a week already, but here is a short catch up, in case you haven’t noticed them yet.

Plan ahead with the 3-month view

This request came back a lot… and it’s understandable!

Having the possibility to display the planner from 1 to 4 weeks is great for short term planning or to see your upcoming workload. But when doing high level capacity planning, a 4-week view is just not enough.

That’s why we released a new 3-month view. Managers can now see their team’s availability for the next 3 months on the same screen, without any lateral scrolling needed!

Improved calendar integration

First of all, did you know that Teambook integrates with your favourite calendar?

Before this update, you could see your Teambook bookings in your calendar, but the problem was that the integration was missing any indication of the duration of your bookings.

But that is not the case anymore! Since our last update, you can see the start time and duration of your bookings directly on your calendar.

1-week display on mobile

Mobile Teambook users certainly have noticed this already: we’re currently working hard on improving Teambook’s experience on mobile.

Our first major mobile update is for the layout of the planner. Let’s be honest, few weeks ago, planning on mobile was really not great… mostly because of the 1-day display that didn’t give any overview of workload and availability.

Kind of going against the logic of planning, right?

Well not anymore! We now managed to fit 1 whole week on display. Not only it is more convenient for both managers and regural users, but it also looks much, much better!

We sincerely hope you like these updates as much as we do! More is coming very soon!

And please, let us know your pains and hopes and what’s up with your planning superhero life!

We love feedback: as you see, your opinion directly impact Teambook’s roadmap.

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