Remote working teams… Teambook can assist you!

In these turbulent & hectic times, quite some companies have to drastically reorganize themselves … and the working habits of their workforce!

Remote working is the new word and it seems that we will have to get used to it.

While working from home certainly brings some advantages (remember the long hours commuting?), it does create huge challenges from a technical and sociological point of view… These concerns are absolutely vital and some tips can certainly help, for both the managers and the team.

On Teambook’s side, we assist you on what we do best: Book your resources on your company activity in the blink of an eye in Teambook’s beautifully simple planner!

Teambook is an app providing you with a visual aid to plan & organize the work of your remote workers, a job that you may have conveniently addressed face to face or around the coffee machine until now.

Teambook’s planner board enables your company management and administrative staff an easy-to-use tool to efficiently assign your colleagues to the different ongoing projects and thus ensure that everyone is busy.

Your colleagues will automatically receive an invitation to connect on Teambook and may choose to synchronize their assignments to their own calendar, thus knowing exactly what projects they most focus on, on a day to day, hour by hour basis.

In a nutshell, Teambook enables you to make the best use of your colleagues’ precious time and smoothly inform them about the desired project focus.

Have a try, and after a rapid creation of your staff and projects (automatic upload facilitates the task), say Goodbye to Painful Team Planning, Hello Teambook!

In the current Covid-19 troubled time we offer you a FREE trial, that we are pleased to extend to 30 days, absolutely free, whatever your number of colleagues and project.

Do not hesitate to get in touch – we are here to help.

Keep safe!

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