How can you adopt an agile approach to your projects?

adopt an AGILE approach

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In an ever-changing business world, agility has become a necessity for companies seeking to remain competitive. Teambook, a highly appreciated resource management software, offers an ideal solution for integrating agility into your projects.

This article explores how Teambook can transform your project management by adopting an agile approach.

1. Manage default values and automations for your use (Organization)

Agility starts with customized organization. With Teambook, you can easily configure company schedules, slot duration, language, time zone, and holidays in your region. This customization ensures that the tool adapts perfectly to your working environment and not the other way around, promoting smoother, more responsive project management.

2. Users – Quick creation of mandatory fields

In an agile spirit, Teambook enables rapid creation of user profiles with imperative fields. You can always complete the information later, so you can get started quickly without getting lost in the details. This facilitates the integration of team members and speeds up the process of setting up new projects.

3. Projects – Quick creation of imperative fields

Similarly, for projects, Teambook enables the rapid capture of essential information, with the option of adding to it at a later date. This flexible, scalable approach is at the heart of agile methodology, enabling teams to get started quickly and adjust details along the way.

4. Share and decentralize information

A crucial aspect of agility is transparent, real-time communication. Teambook facilitates the sharing and decentralization of information not only between your internal teams, but also between subcontractors and customers. It’s important to remember that Teambook doesn’t charge by user, but by project, so it’s in your interest to involve all stakeholders in information sharing. Changes to schedules are automatically updated and shared, ensuring that all stakeholders are always informed of the latest changes.

5. Encourage your project managers to regularly monitor dashboards and reports.

Teambook offers advanced dashboards and reporting tools. Encourage your project managers to use them regularly to track performance indicators and visual cues. These tools enable immediate visualization of the project situation, facilitating rapid, informed decision-making, which is essential in agile management.

Dashboard on Teambook

6. Enable project resources to participate in the running of the business

Finally, Teambook encourages a participative approach by enabling project resources to play an active role in planning.

By assigning them the role of self-planner, as below, team members can adjust their tasks and schedules, fostering autonomy and efficiency, pillars of agility. This role only allows you to create and modify your own planning elements (but not those of your colleagues!).

7. Keeping your planning screen up to date

A fundamental aspect of agility in project management is the ability to adapt quickly to change. Teambook excels in this area thanks to its easy-to-update planning screen. Simple cut-and-drop operations can make changes, making the reorganization of tasks and resources quick and intuitive.

This functionality is essential for maintaining team alignment with project objectives, even when unforeseen adjustments are required. What’s more, users benefit from almost real-time schedule updates, delivered by e-mail if they so wish. This responsiveness ensures that every team member is always informed of the latest changes, reinforcing team cohesion and efficiency.

By integrating this quick and easy update capability into your project management routine, Teambook helps you maintain an agile and responsive workflow, essential for navigating today’s dynamic project environments.


By adopting Teambook for your project management, you embrace an agile approach that transforms not only the way projects are managed, but also how teams collaborate and evolve together. Teambook isn’t just a tool, it’s a partner in your quest for agility and efficiency. Try it for free!

Sign Up for FREE and start using Teambook in seconds!​

Free 14-day trial

Sign Up for FREE and start using Teambook in seconds!​

Free 14-day trial