Best alternatives to Resource Guru for optimising the management of your projects and resources

alternatives to Resource Guru

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With the project and resource management software market constantly evolving, it’s essential to find a solution that’s tailored to your needs. If you currently use Resource Guru to manage your online projects and resources, it may be worth exploring other options to optimise your performance and productivity. In this article, we present five alternatives to Resource Guru that offer advanced functionalities tailored to modern businesses.

1) Teambook: a flexible, user-friendly solution

Teambook is an ideal alternative to Resource Guru for fast-growing teams, thanks to its flexibility and ease of use.

As your team grows, so do the challenges associated with resource management, communication and coordination. Teambook allows you to centralise all these functions within a single platform, simplifying the transition from a small team to a larger organisation. Resource planning features adjust to changing needs, allowing you to allocate tasks efficiently while avoiding calendar conflicts. What’s more, collaboration and communication are greatly facilitated thanks to planning sharing features, whether by synchronising with team calendars or sharing via URL links with customers and subcontractors. Customisable reports and analysis can be tailored to track relevant KPIs, providing valuable information for informed decision-making as the team grows.

In short, Teambook is designed to grow with your business, making it a wise choice for expanding teams. To the advantage of its customers, Teambook offers pricing based not on the number of users, but on the number of projects. What’s more, it’s free up to 10 active projects.

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2) Teamdeck: a complete platform for teams and small businesses

Teamdeck offers resource planning, project management, timesheets, budgets, usage tracking and performance monitoring all within a single platform. Here are just a few of its features:

  • A Calendar view enabling project managers to easily view resource allocations and availability statuses.
  • An intuitive dashboard providing a clear overview of assignments and availability.
  • Customisable reports to track the key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business.

3) Runn: a complete solution specially designed for IT departments and consultants

Runn presents a great alternative to Resource Guru by offering dedicated resource planning and management software that simplifies the task of ensuring people are productive and projects are profitable. Its powerful tools include :

  • Resource planning
  • Project management
  • Capacity forecasts
  • Time tracking
  • Reports and analyses
  • And so on.

This solution enables the company to monitor its entire portfolio in terms of productivity and performance at a strategic level. Runn is rated 4+ out of 5 on Capterra for its increased visibility into operations, project control and ease of use.

4) Mosaic: an artificial intelligence-driven tool to manage your projects efficiently

An innovative alternative to Resource Guru, Mosaic relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise the planning and profitability of your projects through a centralised platform. Mosaic gives you the ability to:

  • Intelligently allocate the right resources to the right projects
  • Get recommendations based on skills and availability
  • Analyse the performance of your projects in real time
  • And so on.

This software combines efficiency and innovation for optimised resource management. But be warned: it’s expensive!

4) Float :

Float is an online resource management application that simplifies the planning, management and monitoring of tasks and projects within your company. Whether you work in a small start-up or a large corporation, Float can help you optimise the use of your human resources and improve the efficiency of your team.

The main features of Float :

  • Resource planning: Float allows your team to plan tasks and projects based on the availability of each team member. You can see who’s working on what, when, and adjust assignments accordingly.
  • Timeline view: Float’s intuitive interface provides a timeline view of all current tasks and projects. You can easily drag and drop tasks to reorganise and adjust them according to priorities.
  • Time tracking: Float has built-in time tracking tools, making it easy to manage working hours. You can get detailed reports on the time spent on each project, which is essential for invoicing clients and analysing team performance.
  • Real-time collaboration: The application enables real-time collaboration, meaning that every team member can see changes to tasks and projects in real time. This facilitates communication and coordination within the team.
  • Integrations: Float easily integrates with other tools you may already use, such as Slack, Google Calendar, and many others, making it simple to manage your tasks and projects.
  • Workload forecasting: Float offers workload forecasting tools, allowing you to see how your team’s workload will change over time. This helps you anticipate staffing needs and plan accordingly.
  • Customisation: Float adapts to your needs. You can customise calendars, projects, teams and resources to suit your business.

In short, Float is a powerful resource management tool that helps you optimise your team’s efficiency, improve project planning and track working time effectively.

Finding the ideal alternative to Resource Guru: what steps should you take?

To choose the project and resource management solution best suited to your needs, we recommend :

  • Read user reviews on specialist platforms such as Capterra
  • Study the features offered by each alternative by visiting their respective websites
  • Plan demonstrations to gain a better understanding of how each software product really works

In conclusion, if you want to optimise your online project and resource management while benefiting from a simplified user experience, these alternatives to Resource Guru are worth exploring. Whether Teambook, Teamdeck, Runn, Mosaic or Float, each has its own advantages and functionalities, enabling companies to adapt to market specifics and succeed in an increasingly demanding competitive environment.

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