Project resource planning Software

Optimize the planning of your consultant team and make sure their time is used efficiently

An affordable solution that will help your agency save a lot of time

Visual Workload Overview

Get the big picture of your consultants’ workload by team or by consultant and easily see who’s available or not. 

  • Quickly avoid under-utilization
  • See available skills when new project enter

Are you ready to become a planning superhero?

Some consulting firms scheduling with Teambook


Fast Booking & Update

  • 2-clicks booking
  • Drag & drop editing
  • Bulk editing

TIP: Use our recurring booking feature for that weekly meeting.


Quickly Find the Right Talent

No need anymore to remember all details of your many consultants. Find the perfect resource by looking for specific skillsets.
Teambook's very flexible tagging system allow you to quickly find who's the perfect consultant for a each project.
Somebody becomes unavailable? Quickly find a perfect replacement.


Customize the View With Powerful Filters

Everybody has specific needs. Different teams, different roles. Our filters are there to make sure you look only at the data that is of interest to you. Nothing more, nothing less.
Filter by project, client, skills or special fields (like billable projects or internal sales).

Not convinced yet? Take the tour and discover more of the amazing features Teambook has to offer, such as reports and integrations or 


Optimized for Consulting Scheduling

Consulting agencies often struggle with an optimized planning when they start to grow.  We built Teambook as consultants in the IT and marketing industry to solve our own needs of project scheduling. Everything is built solve the various challenges of this fast-moving industry and to reduce the struggle of resource planning.
  • Simplify sales and delivery through more transparency
  • Improve performance rates on billable projects
  • Get a long-term overview (over 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 3 months) of your consultants’ schedule