Project resource management solution

As a subcontractor, would you like to be kept up to date with project planning in the same way as your partners? And kept up to date with the inevitable changes to the schedule?

Thanks to Teambook, all partners, including subcontractors, are informed of the expected schedule.

Solution de gestion des ressources projets​

Be informed of the schedule in real time

Teambook makes schedule management child’s play. With quick and easy access to expected schedules, subcontractors can keep abreast of the latest changes, organise their work efficiently and contribute to the success of the project. Don’t let schedules become an obstacle, use Teambook to facilitate communication, coordinate activities and maximise team productivity.

Teambook, used successfully by many professional services companies around the world.

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Simplifying the way I organise my day-to-day life!

Teambook makes it much easier to synchronise with my calendar and helps me to organise my week better

Simon F., :ratio

Gérer les changements de 
dernière minute annoncés 
par le client

Manage last-minute changes announced by the customer

Teambook’s visual interface offers effective solutions for managing the last-minute changes inherent in every project. Subcontractors working on a project have access to planning information, so they can quickly learn about new requirements and plan accordingly. In this way, Teambook improves communication between the customer and the project team. This agile change management ensures optimum responsiveness and high levels of satisfaction.

Limiting the risk of overwork

Thanks to Teambook, the planning and allocation of project resources is balanced and optimised according to availability and skills. The same applies to subcontractors. By avoiding over-allocation, Teambook prevents overload situations that can lead to excessive fatigue and the risk of burnout. Teams can therefore work efficiently and productively, while maintaining a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Limiter les risques de surcharges de travail ​

Meeting project deadlines more effectively

Teambook plays an essential role for subcontractors in meeting project deadlines. By enabling efficient planning and allocation of resources, it ensures optimum use of the time available. Thanks to this tool, subcontractors can accurately track deadlines and assigned tasks, avoiding delays and overruns. As a result, teams can deliver quality work on time, ensuring customer satisfaction and enhancing their professional reputation.

Mieux tenir les délais de réalisation des projets

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A resource management tool is a computer application designed to facilitate the planning, allocation and management of resources, such as people, equipment and budgets. It helps to optimise the use of available resources and improve the overall performance of subcontractors.

By optimising task planning, centralising resource information, facilitating communication and offering performance monitoring functions, a resource management solution helps subcontractors to work more productively and efficiently.

Yes, resource management tools can be used by different types of subcontractor, whether they operate in construction, IT, marketing or any other sector. Functionalities can be tailored to the specific needs of each subcontractor.

It is important to consider the functionality offered, the user-friendliness of the interface, scalability, integrations with other tools and user feedback. A demonstration of the software and an assessment of its relevance to the specific needs of your outsourcing business can also be useful in the selection process.

Resource management solutions generally offer advanced security measures, such as data encryption, regular backups and restricted access authorisations. However, it is advisable to choose reputable software and implement internal security protocols to ensure the protection of sensitive data.