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About Teambook

We strongly believe team planning should be easy, intuitive and hassle-free! Our enthusiastic team works hard, with love and passion, so you don’t have to – we love our job and want to help you love yours.







Our Story

Our story started in 2012 when, as a growing and successful consulting company, we experienced scheduling difficulties with our staff of 50 consultants.

Planners and project managers regularly faced pressure from clients looking for available consultants and continuously dealt with team members’ requests such as time-off.
In the era of immediateness and optimization we live in today, real-time scheduling and efficiency are no longer an option – that’s why we created Teambook.

Our Mission

Teambook aims to ease your planning pains and keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Here in the professional service industry, the expression “time is money” takes all it’s meaning and guides our objective which is to help you become more efficient. How? By giving you your time back so you can focus on growing your business. We understand your difficulties, as we have experienced the same, and work with passion so you can enjoy your scheduling experience and strive for success.

Your Challenges

There are many adverse effects from neglecting your resource planning, including:

  • Struggles to have an overview of your resource schedule more than 2 weeks ahead
  • Project planning is based on guesswork
  • Overloaded team members while others are available
  • People appear busy, but performance rates on billable projects remain low
  • You are not getting the most out of your peoples’ talents because you haven’t mapped their skills
  • Resource planning is based on spreadsheets because you don’t have a real-time visual solution to manage your most important asset – your people.

If some of this sounds familiar, we recommend you give Teambook a try! You could make great efficiency strides by implementing a full-blown team scheduling solution.

Teambook's Difference

Our difference is that we have built Teambook with embedded best practices from the experience we’ve gained over the years in the consulting world.

Also, as a Swiss-based company, we naturally inherited the Swiss’s obsession of timeliness and quality. We followed swiss design tradition and came up with a an innovative Planner board. Basically, we’ve removed everything that was not essential so the important information and tools is there, at hand. The result is a reduced visual “noise” and follows in the footsteps of Teambook’s lean design.

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